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Hi there! My name is Milo. I started cooking when I was 10 years old by experimenting in the

kitchen and having my sweet grandpa as my taste tester. He loved it all. Well, at least he said he did. My grandma and mom are two women who have taught me most of what I know in the kitchen. But now, I am able to show them unique techniques and introduce them to new dishes.


I enjoy all types of food. I think enjoying a wide variety of foods is helpful in learning more about ingredients. If you are able to experience a vast array of foods then you will appreciate what has gone into making the dish. Different ethnic foods are incredible to me; Mexican, Indian, Thai, etc. I haven’t found anything I don’t find tasty.  But by having the knowledge of what goes into making various dishes from around the world has given my courage and insight that eventually produces a knockout plate. 

I understand what it takes to produce a meal and have it be a “show stopper.” I love sitting around a table with family and friends while they are enjoying the meal that I have cooked for them. It’s an experience that gets me every time:)

On my blog you will find recipes that are delicious and fresh. I will reproduce recipes that have inspired me while putting my own spin on it.  I also have a section that is dedicated to new and current food-related products that I have found to be helpful and would like to share with you.

This isn’t just a food blog but it is a blog to help you better understand food.

If you have any questions you can contact me at

All creations are my own unless otherwise noted.


Thanks for stopping by!


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