The Perfect Cheeseburger

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October 5, 2013 by milogales

Look at what I made for you. It is the classic American cheeseburger and it is so good.


Growing up I always went for the hotdog. We had the option of a burger or a hotdog when my dad grilled and I always went for the plain old hotdog. I don’t know why because they were always so charred I thought they were gross and had to scraped off the black, but he liked them that way. 

I eventually grew up and discovered how amazing the burger could be. I found that making a burger could go any direction you pleased. From cheeses and toppings to the way it was cooked you able to transform your burger into a masterpiece. That’s pretty much what I did here.

So here’s how it’s done:

I prefer my perfect burger to be cooked over a hot charcoal grill with little seasoning. I stick with the basic salt and pepper because when you start adding all those fancy things in the patty it sorta becomes a flat meatloaf you grill. Catch my drift? 

Also, when people get the meat and start packing it full of different spices they tend to “over pack” the meat which will lead to a tough, dense, dry patty that it ultimately like eating a rubber boot. Trust me, I have been there too many times at backyard barbecues. You know who you are…

When it comes to choosing what kind of beef you want to use the hard and fast rule is that the leaner the meat, the drier it will be. Preferably, I use nothing higher than 85/15 chuck. That means that is 85% meat and 15% fat. This will give you a nice juicy burger with a good flavor. Chuck is a no fail choice. Always comes out juicy and flavorful.

For this beauty I chose the traditional American cheese.  It’s classic and melts oh so well. Remember,  CHEESE NEEDS TO BE MELTED! It’s a small detail but totally makes a difference. Cheddar would have worked well but I didn’t have any. 

With this classic I choose to use caramelized onions. There is something about a caramelized onion that just takes the burger to the next level, ya know? The onion has become sweet and smooth while possessing a smoky depth of flavor. This is a small step but shouldn’t be overlooked.

I grow my own tomatoes so I had to slice up one of those bad boys for the burger. There is not much better than a homegrown tomato right off the vine. Sprinkle that baby with some S&P and it’s good to go. I also topped it off with some thick-sliced dill pickles for that extra crunch and tangy flavor that goes well with the spicy mustard. 

Finally, I chose a classic white hamburger bun because it is soft and has a slightly sweet taste that just makes this cheeseburger a simple summer classic. 

Beer on the side.

Why didn’t dad offer up something like this when he was blackening those hotdogs?

What did you like better as a child? Hamburgers or hotdogs?


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